Sunday, April 28, 2013

Home again

The Chicago trip ended this morning.  Everyone met for one last breakfast in the hotel restaurant and then packed off into waiting black cars that would take us to our various airports -- the Colorado folks flew out of Midway; the rest of us out of O'Hare.  Turned out that Will and Susan (Amanda's parents) were flying United, like me, and that their gate was next to mine.  So we got to go through security together and talk about travel and the church and whatever else until it was time for us to board the plane. 


No incidents on the flight home; now I'm sitting in my apartment feeling very much like I've had a wonderful break -- and like I've never been gone.  Which was precisely what I needed this weekend.  What a great way to start the week and the month of May!


Ashley said...

You always have great stories and pictures to accompany. My experience "in" Chicago this week couldn't have been more different... but that's another story for another day! :) Thanks for sharing, as always!

Anonymous said...

What a great getaway! Glad to finally get caught up on this adventure. Lady