Friday, April 26, 2013


I'm in Chicago!  It's just for fun -- a mini-vacation to break up the holiday-less months of spring.  Amanda and her family (parents, sister and nephew, two grandmothers) flew in from Colorado, Utah and California.  Two friends of mine from college and law school days already live here.  I flew out to join the party.

Naturally (because there's always something when I fly to or through the midwest), my flight was not without incident:  We were delayed in Washington for a little over an hour due to equipment problems.  But that's better than the last time I tried to do a long weekend in Chicago with Amanda, when my flight got diverted due to massive thunderstorms and I ended up spending the night on the floor of the St. Louis airport.

I got to the hotel before the Waterhouse clan, so while I waited for them to arrive I went down the block to grab a piece of iconic Chicago pizza. 

Sadly, pizza was not to be had at 10:30pm (at least, not readily -- they would have had to start from scratch), so I just ordered a salad and meatball sandwich covered in melted mozarella. 

Thus commences a weekend of extravagant eating!

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Looks delicious. Lady