Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm update

First, some background:

4:30 a.m.
8:30 a.m.
Now this local weather report:


The non-Elijah fish waiting out the storm
Elevator notice from the Management
(with helpful proofreading marks from my fellow tenants)


Anonymous said...

How exciting! EU weather is always unspectacular compared to yours. Be safe though!

Anonymous said...

Good to see you! Good to hear the first hand account. I feel so much better now knowing your balcony is secure and that your fish have not become dangerous projectiles... Lady
PS: Can hardly wait for the "Weather Channel" style report when the full fury hits!

Anonymous said...

Great report! I look forward to more updates from your spacious balcony.


Heather Allen said...

Thanks for sharing! I hope the storm gets a little more spectacular to keep life exciting. Although we are concerned for your well-being, Shae is currently worried about the fact that she can only see two fish. *gasp*!!! She hopes Rainbow is okay!


Ashley said...

Hurray for great weather! I think we'll miss out on the best of it though... enjoy!

JJD said...

Well, Heather, as you may have seen in my earlier post, I think Rainbow may no longer be of this world. If my Elijah-fish theory is right, though, then there's got to be a fish prophecy that he'll return one day, right?

chitarita said...

Better make sure to leave an empty chair and a serving of flakes at Seder!