Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend -- Out and Back

Remember those capricious gods of work and weather?  Well, I must have done something right, because this weekend is going to be awesome:  Three full days of hot, sunny, summery weather and nary a trace of work that can't wait until normal life starts again on Tuesday.

I kicked things off this morning with a bike ride.  Given everything else that's planned for the day, I told myself I had to be done with the ride by 10:30am.  I headed out at 7:00am sharp, rode for 53.8 miles, and was back in my apartment at 10:25am -- right on schedule (yay!).  It was a great ride:  too early in the morning to see any of the fun stuff I saw last time, but that also meant I didn't have to dodge quite as many people.  We've got high humidity (71%), so the early morning was cool and misty until the sun burned it off around 9am.  Fortunately, I don't feel the humidity as much on a bike as I do when I'm running -- go fast enough and you'll have all the wind you need to keep you cool.

Now I have two hours to rest my legs and run errands before the next adventure. Woot!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, evaporative cooling! Sounds great. Lady