Friday, May 11, 2012

The capricious gods of work and weather

Sometimes I think the ancient Greeks had it pretty good:  If something wasn't going the way you wanted, all you had to do was identify the offended god, sacrifice something (100 bulls, say, or your fourteen-year-old daughter who thought she was about to be married to Achilles) to appease that god, and then things would go right again.  Sure, when you got home your wife might murder you for sacrificing your daughter without her permission -- but at least the weather would have cooperated for once!


The weather in March was absolutely gorgeous; I worked all the time.  In April, my workload was delightfully light -- I put in about 40 hours per week, had leisurely evenings and work-free weekends.  I bought a bike and planted some flowers.  The weather?  Cold and rainy every day. 

Same pattern today:  The weather finally breaks and we're set to have three days of perfect DC spring weather -- upper 70s, no humidity, cloudless skies.  I got to work at 6:30am to plow through everything so that I could get out early and enjoy the weather.  Natch, by the time 6:30pm rolled around, I had more work to do before Monday than I'd had to do all week.  Because that's how the gods of work and weather roll -- and, unfortunately, being good Christian that I am, killing something to make them happy isn't really an option.

So I canceled all my weekend plans with friends and lugged my stack of projects home . . .

grabbed some dinner muy delicioso from Cafe Rio (which recently opened not far from my house, much to the delight of every Mormon in a ten-mile radius -- seriously, every time I go at least 80 percent of the customers are LDS; the missionaries are on a first name basis with everyone there) . . .

and settled in for the long haul.  At least I have a balcony and wireless Internet -- tomorrow I'll take my work outside and soak up as much Springtime as I can while drafting documents for my clients.


Anonymous said...

Pooey on bad weather and too much work! ...but Cafe Rio counts for something, right? Lady

chitarita said...

But at least Christian weather doesn't rape girls and impregnate them with future heroes.

And Cafe Rio counts for everything! Mormons rejoice!