Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I've mentioned a couple of times in earlier posts that Amanda will be staying with me for an extended visit this summer. 

Since this is Amanda's first major appearance in my blog, a brief introduction is warranted:  We met about 11 years ago (!!) during my first year at the University of Utah at the one and only Institute dance that I ever went to (also !!).  We kept in touch periodically during my mission and then afterwards were in a number of plays together at Westminster College.  We have a lot in common (moved a lot growing up, similar sibling ages, shared love of books, theater and traveling), and over the years we've become very close friends and frequent travel partners.

Which brings us to the present:  We're traveling again this summer.  In a few weeks Amanda and I are taking a two-week trip to Peru, in search of Macchu Pichu and other adventures.  Since Amanda has more flexibility than I do during the summer months (she's a teacher), I invited her to come out a couple weeks early and hang out in DC.  And she took me up on it! In fact, she gets here tomorrow and will stay until mid-July.  So get ready for some summer adventures -- they're bound to be good.

In anticipation of  those adventures, I recommend following Amanda's blog as well as mine.  As some of you know from our experience in the Turkish baths a couple of years ago, Amanda and I sometimes have different perspectives on the same events... (and if you aren't familiar with the episode, I'd highly recommend reading it!)  For a more recent example, compare my account of our Peru planning session to Amanda's account.

I'll try to figure out how to post a permanent link to Amanda's blog on mine, but until then, you can use the following URL:  www.chitarita.blogspot.com

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Ashley said...

I have to admit Amanda's version of getting tickets to Peru is much more interesting and humorous. It's a good thing she knows how spontaneous you are!