Friday, August 19, 2016


I've written about Huntsville before -- this place of childhood and grandparents so dear to the  Davis-McKay family heart.  I hadn't been here in summer for years, and I took some time after the funeral to wander around the property, exploring the ways it had changed and hadn't changed at all.  It's not home, but it is homeland.

The back of the East House (Granny and Grandpa's house) and West House (where I lived when I was in 4th grade).,
The houses sit at the edge of 10 acres of farm-land in the midst of a beautiful mountain valley.
The first enclosure is used for alfalfa cultivation.

The central field is used to pasture horses.

Spring Creek runs through.  So many memories as a kid playing in this creek, catching
tadpoles and finding shells of freshwater shellfish.

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