Sunday, July 3, 2016

Seattle for the Fourth - Lunch in Victoria

Victoria, BC, is normally a quick boat ride from Seattle -- in under 3 hours you can go from downtown Seattle to the Inner Harbor in the most British of Canadian cities.  Three hours on a good day, that is.  Shortly after boarding our captain announced that we'd be taking a "weather route" due to high winds, and as a result would be arriving "a couple hours late".  

When you've already planned a tight day trip with only 4 hours between arrival and departure, a two-hour delay is unfortunate news.  We had barely enough time to get off the boat, find a place for lunch, and get back to the boat!  But travel without crosswinds does not interesting stories make -- and now we officially belong to that glamorous set who flits up to Victoria for a quick lunch and back in time for dinner on the roof... 

Eagerly planning our afternoon (pre-weather route announcement)
Nap time!  I think we were about 30 minutes into the ride.
The upside of all that wind was a gorgeous sunny day -- no dreary clouds here!

White caps...
The Empress Hotel, the iconic anchor to the entire inner harbor of Victoria
Parliament building
Sun, flowers and food -- all the things we needed for lunch!
Surprisingly delicious fish and chips -- the cod was flaky and fresh
Fortunately Lady remembered her nautical stripes for the outing
Rogers Chocolates was the logical next step
Orca topiaries (well, topiary isn't the right word, I think -- maybe living sculpture?)
China shop inside the Empress Hotel.  Lady and I debated the merits of the blue background versus the pink
Either way, that's a lot of floral...
A lot less frilly and hoity-toity -- the totem poles of Thunderbird Park
Last time I was here was in high school - strange how the park was at
once familiar and yet totally not how I remembered it
Parliament building
The style is grand but the scale approachable, and at night it's all lit up with white christmas lights
Deception Pass, linking Whidby Island to the mainland.
By this time the winds had died down, so they let us out on the deck to take in the beautiful view,

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Lady said...

It was one looong boatride, 5 hours up and 5 hours back! But Victoria was absolutely gorgeaous.