Saturday, March 19, 2016

Off to India!

Holy cow, this year's big trip is here already -- we're off to explore the Subcontinent!

Getting there is part of the adventure. We left Friday morning and after 14.5 hours in the air, we touched down in Dubai. 

It's super impressive to see this city that has basically been built from scratch in only a relatively few years. The buildings are all new (at least, everything that i could see from the plane was new). And the Burj Khalifa - the worlds tallest building - is stunningly tall. 

Our layover, alas, wasn't long enough to risk leaving the airport for a quick spin through the city, but it did leave plenty of time for a leisurely lunch. Naturally we ate French: 

Quiche and salad at Le Pain Quotidien...

... followed by pastries at Paul. 

We skipped the M&M shop but enjoyed niticing that Arabic M&Ms wear headdresses.

Now we wait and read and enjoy the view before our next flight to Delhi. It's only 3.5 hours away!

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