Saturday, December 6, 2014

The House: Curtain's up!

Happy news for future house guests:  You can now bathe without awkwardly drenching the guest bathroom with water and/or traipsing (even more awkwardly) upstairs to the shower in the master bathroom!

That's because I turned this:

"Oh, I know," said the idiot who designed this bathroom, "I'll design
a bathroom where there's no way to hang a shower curtain and all
 the water will run down the walls and pool on the tile outside the tub.  It'll be lovely!" 

Into this:

The solution?  Custom-sized hospital track flush-mounted to the ceiling,
with a custom shower curtain that pulls all the way around.
Of course, this achievement comes at the cost of many gallons of blood, sweat and tears and at least one word I won't be repeating in front of my parents (and before you cast judgment, why don't you try screwing eight pieces of metal track to a 9-foot ceiling by yourself while standing on a ladder in a bathtub).  I started first thing this morning and didn't finish until just before sundown (which I guess isn't so surprising, given that in Seattle the winter sun sets at like 2pm), but at least the dang thing's up and I didn't destroy anything in the process (except for the little pieces of my soul that are allergic to DIY home improvement projects -- definitely don't hold your breath for this to turn into one of those adorable DIY home decorating blogs!).