Monday, August 11, 2014

The Ride: Seattle to Redmond, plus seals!

Okay, so it's already the middle of August and I've done basically zero cycling this summer.  I'd meant to ride more, but, you know, first it was cold, then I went to Japan, then I had to get a bike  tune-up and buy a house.  But all of that is done now (or at least in process), so I finally got out today for a good, long-distance ride.

I started from my place in Belltown to Ballard, where I picked up the Burke-Gilman Trail and rode it to the end.  From there I hopped on the Samammish River Trail and rode that to the end.  By then I was in the deep dark heart of SUBURBIA and on track to hit seventy miles by the time I got back home.  So I headed back home and spent the rest of the day telling my legs to stop freaking out.  After all, if I'm going to get in shape for the 92-mile "Ride Around the Sound" in mid-September, then they're going to have to get used to this.

The weather was perfect, the scenery gorgeous, and the seals totally adorable.

Those numbered pins are five-mile markers.
Airplane bodies in the rail yard - how can you tell we're not far from Boeing?
The troll bridge.  My future house is at the base of this bridge.
Ballard locks

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Lady said...

Looks like a great ride!