Saturday, June 21, 2014


Destination:  South Korea and Japan.  The fun begins in T minus 5 hours.

Not only do I have approximately 17 different outfits in here;
I also have a full kit for climbing Mt Fuji.  
I bear my testimony that packing cubes are true.
In the name of REI, amen.
Boba Fett!
Traveling the universe in a film canister on the side of my bag.

After our separate adventures in Vietnam and Russia last year, Amanda and I are joining forces again this year.  Instead of just meeting her in Seoul, I invited her to come up to Seattle a couple days early.  That meant a cheaper trans-Pacific flight for her, pleasant packing company for me, and a great excuse for both of us to start eating good food before we even got to Asia.

We celebrated the start of our trip with dinner at Tilikum Place Cafe.
I started with a shrimp salad with avocado puree, spring vegetables and endives.
Lamb chops and stuffed peppers

We go first to South Korea, where we'll spend a few days exploring Seoul and deciding whether or not we like kimchee (I have my doubts).  Then it's off to Japan for ten days of food, nature, culture and public bathing (possibly with bears).  It's going to be an adventure!


Vanessa said...

Have a blast! I'm so jealous, will be following your trip online

The Atomic Mom said...

So once when I was working at the MTC mailroom, some mother sent her kid a bottle of kim-chee. It broke. It was summer. The mailroom was never the same. Doubts, indeed.

Have a fun trip! Look forward to all of your pictures.

Lady said...

...memories of the Korean neighbors in Iowa breaking out their kim-chee...and how we could smell it not only in our house with the doors and windows closed, but through the entire neighborhood...I look forward to your report. Can't wait to hear how it all goes! Lady