Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 1

Well, it's official:  I am now an Amazonian!

I know, it's an unfortunate word.  Makes me think of pirañas and loincloths and National Geographic boobs.  It's doubly unfortunate given that there is a perfectly good alternative that is even more closely linked to the name of the company:  I mean, why not go for an "ancient female warrior" vibe and just call us "Amazons"?  Were they worried that we'd all start chopping off our right breasts to improve our archery scores?

Whatever the merits of the terminology, the fact is that I just finished my first day on the job.  It wasn't terrible; nor particularly good.  It was just a typical first day of work, full of orientation meetings and lightning-fast introductions and a few hours of down time during which I attempted (unsuccessfully!) to configure my telephone.  There was a steady stream of acronyms, all the corporate "Kool-Aid" we could metaphorically drink, and plenty of forms and checklists for the new hires.  I also caught my first behind-the-scenes glimpse of the massive, enormously complex, and aggressively expanding global business that I will now be supporting.

It was exciting.  Also a little overwhelming.

Unfortunately, the main frustration right now is on the domestic front:  Tonight I got another email from the movers saying that they had been delayed yet again, making tomorrow's delivery impossible.  No indication on when they would actually be able to deliver.  So instead of finally unpacking and feeling more settled, I get to continue sleeping on the floor, eating off of paper plates, and wearing the same few clothes that I brought in my suitcase.  Sigh.

At least Comcast is still on track to activate my Internet tomorrow.  Baby steps toward civilization!

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The Atomic Mom said...

So, did your furniture get there yet? And if not, can we get you an air mattress, because my back hurts for you.