Monday, November 4, 2013


I was in New York today for some meetings at the NFL.  It was just a quick one-day trip (up on the 5am train, back on the 4pm), so I figured it would just be all business trip no theatre or restaurants or friends. 

But then guess what?


I discovered through Facebook that Claudia was in New York to see her husband and daughter run the New York City Marathon yesterday.  I sent a message saying that I was in town, too, with free time between 1:30 and 3:00 this afternoon and did she want to meet up?  She said yes and we rendezvoused at the Citibank building at 2:30 and had exactly half an hour to catch up.  It wasn't nearly enough time -- not only has it been years since the two of us last met (interestingly enough, that was also in New York, back when I was in law school and she brought her choirs to sing at Carnegie Hall), but also because her entire family was there (whom I hadn't seen since high school, and who are all doing different and interesting things) -- but it was better than no reunion at all, and a wonderful reminder of just how small this world can be when we make the effort to stay in touch.

By way of background for readers who don't know, Claudia was my high school choir director during my senior year of high school in Utah.  When my family moved into town that year from Oregon, she graciously agreed to take a chance on Heather and me, letting us join her special, audition-only show choir.  That act of generosity (we didn't fully appreciate until later how big of a coup it really was) was undoubtedly the best thing that could have happened to us in terms of helping us integrate quickly into the new school, make friends and continue performing at a level that we had been used to in Oregon.  I've always been super grateful for that.

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