Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shae turns five

Thanks to a felicitous coincidence in the timing of my vacation, I was in Boise for Shae's fifth birthday party.  We were both delighted that I could be part of the special occasion.
Legos featured prominently among the gifts
An outdoor Lego pool that Barbie would have loved.
I hadn't realized the company had made such strides in marketing to little girls. 
Way to move beyond spaceships and castles, Legos!
Look at that face!
The object of such excitement:  an iPad-like device called a
LeapPad, which has cute educational games geared for
five-year-old girls.
The princess candles sparkled. They were a little scary, at first.
They also took a few puffs to blow out.
Shae's cake of choice was a vanilla and chocolate "Oreo" ice cream cake.
Naturally, I covered mine in chocolate syrup.
Legos, ice cream cake, princess candles.  The only thing missing?  A gun.  Oh, wait, no!  We had one of those, too:

Jordan's newest toy

Because apparently it's totally normal to show off your new handgun at your daughter's birthday party.  But then, in a world where the wedding party goes shooting before the ceremony, I guess this should not come as a surprise. 

What was really awkward is that, right as Jordan was showing me the gun, the doorbell rang.  Instead of answering the door with a fire-arm in hand, he handed the weapon to me and left me to stand my ground in the kitchen -- which I did by putting the gun in my pocket and pretending like it wasn't there. 


Anonymous said...

Oh fun to get to be there fore Shae's party. That could well be the only time you'll be left holding the gun...Lady

Mary said...

TOTALLY normal. Uh . . .