Wednesday, July 3, 2013

As if it knew I was missing Vietnam

My jasmine plant bloomed! 

Two blossoms this morning and a slew of buds getting ready to open.  This makes me all sorts of happy.  (And I give all credit to James and Chip, whose excellent watering skills kept my plants alive while I was galavanting through Southeast Asia.)
With the possible exception of gardenias, there is no floral fragrance I love more than jasmine -- and both jasmine and gardenias grew in abundance in Vietnam.  Of course, this meant that as Vanessa and I walked through towns I'd be stopping every ten feet or so to smell the flowers.  Or we'd be in a historic pagoda where everyone else would be gawking at the gilded lacquer, and I'd be all "Hey, look! JASMINE!"  Vanessa usually humored me enough to stop and smell them with me, but I'm sure everyone else was wondering who the crazy American was with his face in the bushes.  And I, of course, was wondering why don't I live in a place where I can grow jasmine and gardenias
Turns out I do.  (Yay!)


Anonymous said...

I love jasmine! and gardenias, and orange blossoms,wisteria...the smell of flowers. Congrats on your blooms! Lady

The Atomic Mom said...

Have you ever smelled honeysuckle? My Grandma Brinton had a big honeysuckle outside of her back door when I was young. That and orange blossoms are my favorite.

JJD said...

Yes, honeysuckle is wonderful. It grows EVERYWHERE here in DC, so in the springtime you get clouds of honeysuckle aroma wafting about.