Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New York - Deja vu all over again

Welp, I’m back in New York in that conference room where I spent most of the month of December. This deal isn’t done, you see, and the client decided it wanted to get everyone back in the room for more face-to-face negotiations. They’re getting nervous that they’ll lose the deal if they don’t sign it up as soon as possible. Judging by the apparent lack of urgency on the part of the counterparty (who has been negotiating with other potential buyers all along), they may be right.

In any event, I got the news that discussions would recommence over the weekend while I was in New York for the opera. I considered just staying Sunday night -- that would have allowed me to see one or two more shows, go to church with friends in New York, and have the firm reimburse my train tickets. But I hadn’t packed for more than a day’s worth of business attire, and at this point I place a very high premium on sleeping in my own bed and getting to my local gym in the morning. So I took the train back to DC on Sunday morning, spent the day working on other client matters and putting my personal affairs in order to withstand my continued absence. Then first thing on Monday morning I did my Crossfit workout, packed for a few nights, and climbed back on the train to New York. I had been home for less than 18 hours.

It’s weird to be back. We’re in exactly the same rooms, exactly the same seats. The smells are the same, the food is the same, the people are the same. The issues are the same (though fewer, thank heavens). It’s almost as if we never left. Except, of course, that it isn’t Christmastime (a fact most obvious in the price of hotel rooms -- in December my room fluctuated between $600-$800 per night; now my room is just under $200), and I have enough clothes, and we aren’t pulling all-nighters. Not yet, at least. Last night’s meetings ended at 11:30pm, and this morning we didn’t start until 10:30am. So not too bad, all things considered. If we get out early enough tonight, I may have enough time to watch the first episode of Downton Abbey (or even run out and catch another Broadway play).

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