Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Ride: Physics Experiment

Based on the chart below, can you guess what happened at approximately two miles into my ride this morning?

That's right, I learned that you can use your left buttock as a break pad to go from 35mph to a full stop.  So now I can cross that off the list of things to try. 

I can also cross off figuring out how to apply neosporin to a hamburgery goose-egg the size of my palm with minimal pain.  (Hint: spread it on a plate first, then lay a gauze bandage in it to soak it up before applying to the skin.)


Ashley said...

Good grief. I'm thinking this helmet cam would have caught a lot by now! So sorry for the blood and guts. (some day we'll have to compare bruises-on-the-buttocks stories!)

Anonymous said...

All of that at 2 miles in and you kept riding? Holy cow! The graph looks gruesome enough...hope things heal quickly! Lady