Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mintwood Place

After the bike ride and the bookstore yesterday, I went into DC to have dinner with a friend of mine at a new restaurant called Mintwood Place.  We had read the food critic's review in the Washington Post and decided it sounded delicious.

And it was!  I started with burrata and asparagus with balsamic onions and spring garlic . . .

then continued with duck served over sauerkraut and potatoes with black pepper sauce . . .

and finished with a brownie sundae (which I really wish had been smaller and less covered in sprinkles).

Aside from the delicious food and energetic atmosphere, it was fun to see some other friends of mine at the restaurant.  The city is small enough that once you have a circle of foodie friends, there's a good chance you'll run into them at whatever hot new place opens up.  I like that.

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Anonymous said...

Always love your food pics! Lady