Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Contest Update

I bet you thought this day would never come! 

And, depending on what you thought "this day" would be, you might be right -- I'm not announcing my engagement, peace in the Middle East, or the rescue of my favorite fountain pen from the Bank of America ATM at the corner of Van Ness and Connecticut.  Sorry.

But I am announcing that the lamp-finding contest that I started back in the early Cretaceous period is finally over.  To my devoted readers who have spent the past four months frantically searching for a suitably rad (and kittenless) light fixture for my shadowy living room, I say "Pencils down!  Go back to your loved ones; your regular job; your juniper bonsai tree.  The search is over." 

That's right -- I've made my choice.  Approximately five minutes ago I placed an order online for the winning light fixture.  It will be here sometime between now and shortly after UPS delivers it. 

Which means the suspense is not quite over.  You didn't think I would announce the full contest results without having the light fixture actually installed, operating and photographed for inclusion in the blog, did you?  OF COURSE NOT.

So while you're trimming your bonsai, keep an eye out for more to come.  It will be worth it!

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Oh I do hope you chose the Artecnica Icarus Pendant Light! Just the name alone would be worth the wait! And it would look so ..... festive? ..... in that corner of yours!