Sunday, September 11, 2011

Would I go to New York with a bunch of high schoolers?

Miss Waterhouse's high school students are nothing if not persistent.  Remember how I was the focus of a recent session of show-and-tell?  Well, according to the latest news out of Denver, I was again a trending topic during discussions about a possible trip to New York.  Apparently, when it comes to must-see sights, I rank right up there with the Statue of Liberty, Broadway and Ground Zero.  (This arrangement is great for my ego.)

So, what do I think?  Would I go to New York to meet a bunch of high schoolers from Colorado who are intensely interested in meeting little ole me?  Um, yeah.  Pretty sure that's a no brainer.  I mean, when have I ever turned down the opportunity to (a) go to New York or (b) be the center of attention?  And to do both in one trip?  Talk about two birds with one stone! 

I'm going to have to play this right, though, lest, by meeting me, the students start to suspect me of being a mere mortal not worthy of their fascination.  I wonder if we can arrange for me to drop in by hot air balloon, impeccably dressed and with a great overcoat...


chitarita said...

Don't forget your goggles!

Ashley said...

Under the circumstances, I advise you tell them your name is Jack! :)