Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vamos a Peru!

At long last, plans for the 2011 summer trip have begun to gel:  Amanda and I are going to Peru for two weeks (last week of June, first week of July).  Both of us feel much better now, with something concrete that we can plan for.

Picking a destination for this summer has been no easy task.  We had originally wanted to go to northern Africa (Egypt, Morocco), but with the various uprisings this spring we had to scrap that idea.  Then we had the great idea of going to France right before Christmas, with a more modest summer trip to some domestic location.  As I looked forward to the end of the year, though, I realized there is no way I'm going to be able to get away from work for any vacation.  And, as much as we tried, neither of us could muster much excitement about a North American trip.  We batted around trips to major cities; ambitious road trips through the South or New England; visits to our respective parental units.  But nothing stuck.

So last night, when we stumbled across some good airfares to Lima, Peru, we were primed to sieze the opportunity.  Well, Amanda was primed.  I, being the spontaneous soul that I am, kind of freaked out.

Now we get to plan the rest of the trip!  Macchu Pichu will be a must, plus whatever else we can find.  Barnes & Noble, here I come!

[And for those of you (Ashley) who are wondering:  Yes, Amanda will be traveling as Yzma and I will be Emperor Cuzco (or a llama).]


chitarita said...

And our first order of business is finding me a Kronk.

Ashley said...

Yzma, put your hands in the air!!!